Wednesday, March 10, 2010

guess what we did last weekend......

we painted our dining room.
Josh made a place so Tatum and I could hang our aprons.

we put up crown molding too.

Josh also made an area for the kids to hang their bookbags and coats.

each kid picked out a hook. Van picked dogs, Petey a fish, Ollie a deer, and Tatum picked out birds.

two boys were at school.....or this would be fuller......

and I finally got my black door!
I LOVE it.


New England Girl said...

That door is fab! Plus, I love the little area to hang your aprons. I want one!! :) You guys were productive... kudos! :)

the treat girl said...

Hi...Thanks so much for stopping by my little blog.....I can't wait to peek around and see more......have a great day! PS..I loooove Audrey Hepburn too :)

Jane said...

It looks great!!! You all did a wonderful job!

Writing Without Periods! said...

What a great blog and I love the door!