Sunday, November 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Petey

Today is Petey's birthday. He is 7 years old today. I am going to repost  last years birthday post, but I am going to add to it.

Here is my big boy last weekend on the playground.


 One week before Petey was born......we moved into this house.
We had just settled in and unpacked when we went to the hospital that Friday morning.

 I was induced.......and we sat at the hospital all day thinking  it wasn't going to happen........then, with in an hour's time,  Petey was born.
He was born @ 4:20 in the afternoon.
Josh thought he was going to have to deliver Petey himself because we couldn't get anyone to listen to us.
No one thought that I could be that far along that quick!
Needless to say, the Doctor got there in just enough time to tell me to push.
........then there was Pierce Patrick ( Petey)!

Petey came quick and he fell into my heart instantly.
Petey is my sweetie!
He weighed 7lbs 8 oz.
20 '' long.

That Sunday we brought Petey home, there was a tornado watch in the area and we spent a good part of the night in the basement.
Little Vanny, spent time with Grandpa Ron in our house while we were at the hospital.
Van's first hours spent with his new brother were in that basement.
That's what I remember of that night.

Petey seems to live his life just like he came into and like a tornado!

Happy Birthday Petey, Mommy loves you very much!

last years' post..........

Petey Bear will be 6 years old tomorrow November 8. Happy Birthday Baby Bear!

Mommy and Petey , a couple of weeks old.

Two weeks ago Petey was the student of the week and he had to answer some questions and I would like to share them with you now.
 ( In kindergarten)
~My Birthday- November 8
~A person I admire- Dad
~Where I was born-Coshocton
~My favorite food-Oranges
~My favorite animal- bats and snakes
~What I do well-jump
~My favorite book-Star Wars & Indiana Jones
~What I like most about school-Center time, when we play Toys
~What I want to be-RICH

Here are some random pictures of Petey.......

Here is Petey and Josh. Petey is not three yet in this picture.

Petey age 2.

Age 2, playing in the rain and his great grandpa's farm.

Playing with his big brother.

Mommy and Petey.....almost 1.
Petey right before school, last year.

Petey with Daddy, his first day of Pre school.

Mommy and Petey at the pumpkin patch last year.

Playing at grandpa's farm this past summer.

Opening Day 2007.

At our house this past summer.

I am so proud of you Petey.
You are a great son and such a good big and little brother.
I Love you. :)

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Karen said...

Hope the birthday boy had a great day. He's adorable!

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