Monday, July 27, 2009

Ollie's glasses.....

Ollie went to the eye doctor last Tuesday.
He is near sighted and he has an astigmatism.
He got his glasses today.
At first, he didn't want to wear them, however I did get him to wear them while he watched TV for an hour tonight.
When he was done, he took them off, put them in the case and brought the case to me.
I think Ollie is going to be just fine with his glasses.

Van was five when he got his first pair of glasses too, and he broke his first pair in a couple of weeks.


Wendy said...

Ollie looks a good bit more like Van now that he has his glasses. Very Handsome!

Tamara Jansen said...

My youngest son "lost" his glasses the day after he got them. I was not please :(

Kristin said...

Too cute!

Rue said...

Hi Beth :)

Ollie looks very cute in his new glasses! It took me 30 years to get used to mine LOL