Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I'm so excited........

because I have found some new CUTE STUFF! ( well, new to me)

I have found two new places with REALLY cool clothes!!

The first place is called Down East Basics.

They are a West Coast store, so I have never heard of them before. I just love their clothes.
Here are a few things that I like.......


I really like this one too.

Look how sweet this shirt is.

I love this skirt and look how cute those shoes are.

Next place I found is called Mia Bellina.

I really like their shirts.
They are very feminine and comfortable looking.


Kristin said...

Fab finds! Off to check them out!

egt said...

Love it, very cute!

Doug, Christy, Ella and Lucy said...

Very cute! I like them!