Thursday, May 7, 2009

a trip to the Museum

We went to the Cincinnati Museum last Saturday.

Here we are at the Children's Museum first.

Ollie looking at the fish.

Everyone looking at the fish.

Van and Tatum.

Tatum looking at a turtle.

Happy Petey!

Lego blocks.......they have never played with those

Daddy, Van and Petey.

Entering the History Museum.

Ollie looking at a model of Cincinnati.

Model of Crosley Field.

Oh, did I mention there was trains all over the model layout? Ollie was in heaven.

Old street car.
All Aboard.

Ollie upset we left the model train area!

Old canal boat. (replica)

old cabin and canal boat for kids to play on.

Last, we had to have some ice cream before we left!

Dinosaurs outside the building.

Daddy, Tatum and Petey standing in front of the dinosaurs.

A look at the architecture.

This is a train station.
Some trains still run through here.

Thanks for sharing with us :)

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RamblingMother said...

what a fun visit. Stopping by from SITS.