Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Saturday, before Mother's Day

Uncle Bubba and Meghan came to stay with us Friday night and got up early in the morning to go to Petey's t ball game with us.

It was cold!

Ollie all cuddled up on Mommy.

Tatum all balled up too.

Here is uncle Bubba and Meghan. It was very windy.

Then, after the game, Van and Mommy went to the eye doctor. ( We both had app.) I'm going to wear contacts again, it's been about five years!!!

Then, Josh, Van, Tatum, Bubba and Meghan went Mother's day shopping.
I took Petey to a Birthday Party, then Ollie got to spend a couple of hours with Mommy alone.

So, durning Mommy alone time Ollie got to choose what we did. We went to Mac Donald's.
We got ice cream :)

Then, even though it was cold, Ollie wanted to go to the park.

It was fun, but cold, we were not there very long!

Thanks for spending time with me Ollie!

Then when everyone was back together, we ate Fricker's chicken wings. The we said goodbye to Meghan and Bubba.


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