Friday, February 29, 2008

The Other Boleyn Girl

On Josh's and I's date weekend, I bought the book The Other Boleyn Girl. I Love this book, I can't put it down. I have wanted to read Philippa Gregory for a while and I am glad that I finally picked one up. This means that I can't wait to see the movie. I probably won't get to see it this weekend, but hopefully while it is still in the theaters!

~Missing Virginia~

Today I miss living in Virginia. I don't know if it was the snow outside ( we did get snow in Va, once or twice) or what the reason is. I Love Ohio, I was born and raised here. I couldn't wait to move back here ( mainly because I wanted my daughter to be born here just like her brothers) , but today I miss Kilmarnock......and here are some pictures I took while we lived there. One picture is of the Chesapeake bay, One picture is of Virginia Beach. The other two pictures are on King Carter's Golf Coarse (which we lived on), one picture was taken from our house, the other is of my favorite house on the coarse.

Friday, February 22, 2008

School closings!!!!!!!

Monday, the kids didn't have school because of Presidents Day. Tuesday Van had school. Wednesday was a snow day. Thursday Van had school. Friday........ANOTHER snow Day! Petey didn't go to school one day this week. When is spring going to get here???

Monday, February 18, 2008

~The Best Weekend~

Josh and I had the best weekend this weekend. Our children went to stay with Josh's parents in Coshocton on Friday night. We picked our babies up on Sunday afternoon. We missed our babies, but we were really thankful for the time alone together. Friday night we went to the Funny Bone with our friends Ty and Alicia. Saturday, I didn't wake up till noon (1st time I did that since Van was born.) We ate at the Red Lobster, went to the mall. and went to the movie (There Will Be Blood.) It was a lot of fun! We spent some much needed time together. Sunday we slept till noon again and went out to eat again. I am really Thankful for my GREAT weekend :)

Playing Outside

Friday after the boys came home from school, Van and Petey went outside to play. They were sliding on the ice.

Stanley made it back to Dayton!

Flat Stanly made it back to Dayton on Friday. Van was very happy. He got to bring home the contents in his box.

Gifts from Van

Van made Me some Valentines gifts too!

Van Valentines Party

Van's Valentine's Party wasn't till Friday. He made his bag to hold his cards in his class.

Ollie smelling the roses

Valentines from Josh

On Thursday Josh came home and surprised me with red roses. He was very sweet! I LOve him very much!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Petey's necklace

Petey made a Valentine's necklace in school today.

Petey's Valentines Party

Even though there was another 2 hr delay today,
Petey had his party today. We got a couple of pictures of his box this morning before we went to school. After we dropped his brother off, Ollie got back in the car and pretended to talk on my cell phone the whole way home.

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

Monday, the kids and Josh had a 2 hr. delay. Tuesday, the kids and Josh had a day off from school because of bad weather so we got to spend some extra time together. Van, Petey, and I filled out the boys Valentines cards for their classes last night and we had to make a box for Petey's Valentines! Ollie had fun making a mess while we did this. Josh kept the fire going in the fire place and it was a nice time.

Hugging Teddy

A couple of nights ago, I walked into Tatum's room to check on her. This is how I found her......hugging Teddy very tight.


Van colored and mailed flat "Stanley" to Grandma Darr in Coshocton. Grandma Darr took "Stanley" to Colorado with her on Vacation. Grandma and Grandpa got pictures of "Stanley" in lots of different places, Grandpa even took him skiing. Then Grandma mailed Stanley and the pictures to Van's teacher. Van cannot wait till they get there!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Geo Trax

Grandpa Ron stopped by yesterday. Ollie talked him into building a track layout! Ollie played with it the rest of the afternoon.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Petey in Pajama's

No, I am not so stressed out that I forgot to dress my son before school........It is Pajama Day!Petey still looks a little tired (maybe it's just the pajamas). Petey's friend Avery also had on the same Car Pajamas.

~Morning Zoo~

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Chocolate chips

Today Ollie climbed up to the kitchen cabinet and pulled the chocolate chips out. He dumped them all over the floor in a big pile. I found him seconds later and he had his stuffed dinosaur's mouth open and he was putting chips in it and making a chewing motion. I asked him if the dinosaur was hungry and he laughed. Then he started to move the tail back and forth in the pile. I asked him what the dinosaur was doing , "is he pooping?' Ollie got a big grin and start to giggle and said "pooping"! ......I cannot get used to the fact that my little boys are well BOYS and that they find poop, stinkers, and rear ends very funny!


Lots of changes going on lately. My Dad has moved out and I have had to take Tatum and Ollie along with us to school in the mornings and afternoons. It may not seem like it, but believe me, this is stressful. Things will get better when we have achieved a routine.....we just haven't yet!

Dolly want a pretzel?

Tatum was sitting in her high chair the other day eating pretzels. She had her doll with her and she kept trying to put pretzels in her mouth too! (It was pretty cute!)

Friday, February 1, 2008

Thankful :)

I read an article recently in one of my parenting magazines. The article was talking about the joy or pleasure we (as parents) get out of the daily routine of taking care of our children ( cooking for them, wiping their noses, running them around from place to place, ect.) . The article stated that the joy we received ranked there right above the daily house chores! So why do we do it? The article stated that we wanted our lives to mean something and the joy from seeing our children taking their first steps was enough of a reason right there. I agree with that too.
There are some days that I don't get a shower till I go to bed. Most days the house is not clean to the way that I like it! I live in toys and can do at least five loads of laundry a day. I run the kids back and forth to school and to the doctor. Everyday is a new adventure that includes catching Ollie writing on the walls and Van wipping his hands on the couch. I find Tatum without a diaper and Petey wearing his T shirts around his waist.
I also miss things that I used to take for granted like working and going to school. It is a lot easier to keep a house clean when you are not in it all day (really).
However, I also know that sooner then even I can imagine, my kids will be grown up. They will have lives of their own and Mom will not be in the center anymore! ( They won't want to sit with their Mom in the theater because it's not cool! I know, I did it too.)
So I am very thankful for all this time home with my children. I am very appreciative to my husband Josh for making it possible for me to be home with my children everyday. I don't think he knows how much I am thankful. When my children are older and living their own lives, I will think back and remember these times and be glad that I was here with them.. I won't remember that fact that I didn't get a shower!