Tuesday, July 3, 2012

new shows

I have started two new shows last week.
from netflix
I cannot believe that I waited so long to start this series! It is so good.
I am always behind on what I am watching.
I am thinking of reading the books too. 
Has anyone read them?

and from online
Teen Wolf. yep, I am not embarrassed to admit it, I am watching a teenage show on MTV.
anyone else watching this?
Stiles is definitely my favorite character. It's a little different from Teen Wolf movies from the 80's.
That I watched growing up.

Josh and I also started this show
I think this one is pretty good too. 

Josh and I are actually watching this one too.
I'm not one for watching reality TV, but I like this show.

What are you watching right now? Are you watching any of these?

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