Monday, December 19, 2011

suprise ...

I am here. I didn't mean to take a little break, it just happened that way. I have taken a few of these this year. Don't worry, I have not abandoned my blog. There has been lots of things happening lately and I think my blog has become a little stale. I started out blogging about my kids and keeping family up to date with what was happening here. The blog has morphed a little from time to time since I started in 2007 ( fashion, home furnishings, crafts and organizing). Well, I don't think I am officially back yet, I probally will not be back till the first of 2012. The blog will have a fresh outlook for the new year! I really just wanted to tell everyone Happy Holidays! I hope that you get everything under the tree that you are wishing for.

If you miss me, I will be on Tumblr, and Pinterest.

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