Tuesday, June 7, 2011

school's out for summer ....

All of my kiddos are offically out of school.
Friday was their last day.
This picture was taken Friday before school. I just love it.
Ollie does not want his picture taken.
Petey is trying to stand there and pose so nicely for me.
Van has to grab on to Petey and pick.
This is the way most of my photos are.
At least one of my children doesn't want to cooperate.
That is ok, I have learned that it is alright.
It's real life!
All three boys had a good last day.
Van had a clap out. That means that all the parents showed up and lined up along the walls. As the third graders walk by the parents clap.
This is because they will be attending a new school next year for 4th, 5th and 6th graders.
He and his friends were excited and a little sad they last day.
They will no longer be at that school.
I can't believe how big all my kiddos are getting, but I am ready to have a great summer with them!

WIWW post coming tomorrow...

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