Monday, May 23, 2011

catching up!

I have not been blogging on any kind of regular basis this year!
There has been lots of things happening since the start of this year.
A couple of things to catch up on ....

Tatum had her Parents day program at school .... 
she was a pig and it was so cute. she is the one in the middle there with purple on.

here's my girl!

here is Tatum and her daddy.

On her second to last day of school, the preschool took a pretend "trip" to Greece. They had an airport, plane and hotel set up inside the school and a pool set up outside for the beach. Yep she got to go swimming!
Tatum had a great time.

here she is coming home, suitcase and all.
they even made a passport for everyone that now has a stamp in it!
(there was less then a week between the last two pictures ... our weather has been crazy!)

Well Tatum is now down with school for the year, she finished three weeks earlier then her brothers... much to their disappointment!

The preschool had an end of the year picnic for all students and their families.

here is Tatum heading to the picnic.

finished eating.

big brother Ollie got to come to part of the picnic too.
( he is telling me he doesn't want his picture taken)

Ollie got his first cast off at five weeks and got a new one put on. He has to wear that for two more weeks, which means Ollie only has a little over three more days in a cast!

Here he is in his new cast and holding the old one. 
Yes, he wanted to bring it home.
He was pretending to be an elephant and using the old cast as a trunk while he was sitting there.

The boys have less then two whole weeks left of school!!!!
I couldn't be happier to have summer vacation start!

Van got a new computer game for his computer and ALL three of my boys have become quite obsessed with this game!

I was in a Greek play, Bacchae for my class last weekend. I played Agaue.
 via Wikipedia
It was outdoors and we were rained on a little.
I am shy and not very good at getting up in front of people, but I think I did alright, at least that is what everyone told me, haha.
I know that there was some pictures taken, If I get a hold of any, I will share.

Josh's birthday was last weekend!
I won't tell you how old he is because he is younger then me, by two years...

We spent the weekend at here at home.
Happy birthday, I love you!
I also had a GREAT Mother's Day!
I got breakfast in bed.
Van wrote me poem. Van and Tatum sang to me.
Van and Petey put on a play for me.
I got lots of hugs and kisses!
It was a happy day.

purple purse Mother's Day cake.

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