Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Yep, my husband and I have a new series obsession..... Shameless.

former obsessions have included Rescue Me and Sons of Anarchy.

and I personally have a big obsession with the Tudors, but I have a strange obsession with the whole Tudor dynasty.

Anyway, I love the characters on Shameless, they pull you in and the most annoying thing is  listening to Frank when he goes off on his little mini diatribes.
Does anyone else watch Shameless? Do you like it? What series are you nuts about?


paddygirl said...

So my brother works for Showtime and brought Shameless to us over Christmas, I watched the pilot and thought it was good. The hubby and I have tivoed it, but as of yet have not watched one episode. We are currently waiting for my younger brother to visit so we can finish Boardwalk Empire and then we shall all move on the Shameless.

I also am obsessed with The Tudors and are currently on season 3.

Glad you enjoy the show!

Anonymous said...

I haven't really been watching TV much lately, but I am obsessed with The Big Bang Theory.

Kristin said...

Nothing wrong with a Sons of Anarchy obsession! I can't wait for it to come back. Do y'all watch Justified? It's sooooooo good!