Monday, October 11, 2010

playing catch-up

Two week ago Petey went on a field trip here...

He said he really liked the owl!

Last weekend, My mom and stepdad took the kids here....

yep, they rode on one of those wagons!
The boys LOVED it. Van sat up front with the driver. All three boys loved feeding the animals. Ollie made a buddy with a baby camel. 
Tatum did not like the big animals, but she liked the small ones and she really liked the parrot, she stills talks about it.

Friday, Ollie went on a field trip here...

He had fun and enjoyed the wagon ride!
Tatum also went on a field trip Friday.
She headed to the Tipp City Park to look for signs of Fall. 
She came home with a big bag filled with leaves and acorns!!

Last Saturday we were in Coshocton to attend Josh's sister's wedding reception.
They were married in Indiana, where they live.

cute cousins
here is a picture of Tatum and Jodi's little girl Emily

so that is what we have been up to and what has been keeping us busy!

and a Happy Birthday to my wonderful Mom whose birthday was 10.10.10!!!!
I Love you Mom!!!

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Same Sweet Girl: Memoir of a Southern Belle said...

Awww all of this looks like so much fun!! Happy Birthday to your mommy!!!! October birthdays are the best! :)