Friday, August 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Tatum, a *REPOST*

Yesterday was my daughter's birthday. Tatum turned four. She is in Coshocton visiting family right now. Her birthday party is Sunday, she is going to have a barbie birthday party, I can't wait to share, but for now, I would like to share her birthday post from last year....

Today is my little girl's birthday.
When I found out that I was pregnant with Tatum, we lived in Virginia.
We lived on the Chesapeake Bay.
The nearest hospital that delivered babies was 45 minutes away.
My Doctor however lived in my town. He just didn't deliver babies anymore because he didn't want to carry that kind of insurance.
I was scared to death that I was going to have my baby in my car.

However, there were other life changes happening for us. My husband was trying to get a job closer to our family in Ohio.
When I was seven months pregnant, my husband got a job in Ohio.
It was still 2 hours away from family, but that was better then 8 hours.

So, I am eight months pregnant and moving out of state, to a place I have never lived before.
I decide to ask my old Doctor, who delivered my three boys, to deliver this baby.
He said ok.
Now, I am living in a town 2 hrs away from my Doctor!
Well, everything thing worked out well.

Tatum was born three weeks early, I was induced.
My doctor was on Vacation, but another doctor from his office delivered Tatum.
Even though she was conceived in a different state, she was born in Ohio in the same town as her brothers.....and her Mom and Dad too.
Tatum is the youngest and also the only girl in the house besides me!
Needless to say, she is spoiled rotten!

Even with three big brothers, she is still a VERY girly girl!
She loves ribbons and bows.
I call her Pinky,which she loves, but her favorite color is purple.
Sometimes she'll say" pinkypurple." to include both colors as her one favorite.

Tatum loves Dora, Diego, My little ponies and Kai Lian.

Her birthday is today but her party is two weeks form now and she is having a pony party!

Happy Birthday baby Girl!!!
I LOVE you very much and I am soo Happy that you are in my life!!!!!

Oh, and if we would have stayed in Virginia.........there was two babies born in the car that fall Tatum was born.
There was an article in a parents magazine about the rising cost of insurance and how it was causing doctors to stop delivering babies and they used the Northern Neck ( where we lived) as an example.



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Happy bday to your beautiful girl!