Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Petey's MLK play

Last Friday, Petey's class put on a Martin Luther King play.

Here is Petey's part where he got to say what he learned about MLK.

 Petey did a GREAT job!!!!! 
I am so very proud of him!!!!!

They sang and acted out some parts too. It was really cute. :)

here is Petey and Dad after the play.

Tatum and Ollie came too.

Ollie was more worried about the fact he didn't have school that day and he kept trying to sneak down to his class room.
Tatum enjoyed eating the fruit cups.

Tatum and I also ate soup with Van in his class room for lunch.
Van colored place mats for us.
We got to eat at his desk.
We ate chicken noodle soup and fruit cups.

That night for dinner, the whole family ate a Applebee's.

Friday was a very good day!

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