Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas at our house ( last Christmas post of 2008)

Ollie tearing into his present. He didn't mess around, he went for the biggest present first!

Van and Petey tearing into their presents.

Josh with his #1 Dad golf balls from Petey.

Nanny and Tatum.

Petey with his Batman cave.

Van and his transformer.

Ollie and his Diego rescue radio.

Josh and his #1 Dad pen from Van.

Tatum and her Dora Doll house. (she saved the best for last!)

My necklace and earrings from Petey and my smiley face ring with lip gloss from Van.

click here to see Christmas at our house last year.


Wendy said...

I sense a trend with the kiddo's gift to Josh. Very cute. I also love your lip gloss ring. Never can have to much lip gloss!

We also do the special paper thing too, Libby's was Camp Rock this year!

Rue said...

Hi Beth :)

Looks like a great Christmas was had at your house! My favorite is the smiley face lip gloss :)

Happy New Year!

The Patterson's said...

looks like a great Christmas!! I love the kids gifts, they pick out on their own!!!!

Beth's Blog said...

That's my favorite too Rue!