Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A little vintage ....

Here are a couple more pictures of the house that I said I would post. They are taken mostly of the front room, where you first walk in.

The chandelier was already in the house, but I think that it looks good in the room right now.

Leather bound books.

The lamp is from Josh's Grandparents house.

These pictures were hanging up in our home when I was a little girl. In fact the girl was in my bed room.

The rocking chair was my Mother's and the pillow Petey made me for Mother's Day.

Closer picture of the bay window.

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The life of mom said...

I love your pretty red room. We have one too! Is it not nice to have those little pieces of our past fill our homes. Looks like you are getting settled in. Congratualtions again!