Monday, April 7, 2008

2 things I LOVE

I love my black Mary Jane Crocs. I wear them all day long around the house. I waited almost a year to get them, and now that I have they are my favorite shoes! (and I love shoes!)

I also love my I Pod Shuffle. I wear it around the house when I am cleaning, picking up toys, walking, ect...... If I am the only one here, I turn it down so I can here all the noise in the house...but it still has the same calming effect on me.

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The life of mom said...

I love my crocs too! I have one's like your's but in brown, I also have the winter ones that are lined in pink. They are so super comfy and cute. Libby has some too and loves getting jibbitz for them. Tate needs some too!

Your little shuffle cracks me up. Ours is twice the size. How quickly technology makes things smaller. The nexy one will be the size of an earbud :)